If you are like me,then you are a sucker for To-Do-Lists.I make a list for everything.It really helps me organise my life especially when I have a lot of stuff to do.It helps me a great deal with balance.

But here is the downside.My list is always so overwhelming.So long.I have never ever ticked everything on my To-Do-List but I do it everytime.At other times,I try to stick to the list and I end up getting worked up that I feel like I don’t even get time and chance to breathe.


There must be a problem.

Here it what I discovered :

My List is always unrealistic : I try to put everything on it even task I cannot accomplish within a day.

I do the easy ones first instead of the neccessary one first.

I beat myself up if I am not able to cancel everything on the list.

I don’t allocate time to the activities on the list.

I don’t reward myself when I cancel out stuff on my list.

I hope to work on this..

How do your manage your To-Do-List? How do you stick to your list and still get some time to breathe.Do Share your personal tips 🙂