I just read this amazing story here on the daily mail website..



It is a story about a hen,Mabel who is mothering a littre of pups.Mabel notices that pups need a mother’s warmth and jumps right in their basket to keep them warm.Their mother,Nestle pays no attention to her babies but Mabel who is just one year old  steps in and adopts them.


I don’t think  Mabel thinks she is a dog or that the pups are chickens.I think  she knows that motherhood is not only about mothering your own children.It is about giving warmth and love to children who need you,whether they are yours or not.

This post is honouring all the Mabels in the world.To the women who don’t any children of their own and have mothered children at any point in their lives..Motherhood is not about the number of children you have,it is about the number of children who can be better mums because of you ..Happy mother’s day!!