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I found out about Monarki Clothing recently and I just fell in love in their concept.Monarki Clothing makes Urbanite Christian T-Shirts Inspired by the Bible.For me,it is really more that just a shirt.It is a statement and I can’t wait to get my first Monarki Shirt.
What a great way to show the world that you are not ashamed of your faith.What a way to show the world that you are never too cool or never too old for JESUS.
Monarki T-shirt Clothing says RULE THE STREETS FOR CHRIST! Every single shirt is inspired by positive,powerful and inspiring messages from the bible.Messages you can’t ignore.
Call Monarki on 0266 245 235 / 054 971 8965 and literally wear a piece of the bible to let the world know how you feel about Jesus.
Located at the Osu Forico Mall, off Oxford Street (on the Papaye to Blue Gate lane), Osu,Ghana.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believeth,to the Jew first and also to the Greek-Romans 1;16.

If you are like me,then you are a sucker for To-Do-Lists.I make a list for everything.It really helps me organise my life especially when I have a lot of stuff to do.It helps me a great deal with balance.

But here is the downside.My list is always so overwhelming.So long.I have never ever ticked everything on my To-Do-List but I do it everytime.At other times,I try to stick to the list and I end up getting worked up that I feel like I don’t even get time and chance to breathe.


There must be a problem.

Here it what I discovered :

My List is always unrealistic : I try to put everything on it even task I cannot accomplish within a day.

I do the easy ones first instead of the neccessary one first.

I beat myself up if I am not able to cancel everything on the list.

I don’t allocate time to the activities on the list.

I don’t reward myself when I cancel out stuff on my list.

I hope to work on this..

How do your manage your To-Do-List? How do you stick to your list and still get some time to breathe.Do Share your personal tips 🙂

How Salty Are You?


Marie’s mother was sick and her dad had told her not to disturb her mother.
‘Mum has to be in bed all day because she needs some rest.’ her father explained.
‘Will she be alright?’
‘Yes she will,sweetheart,she just needs some rest.’
Marie thought of something to do to cheer her sick mother up.She tried to make a ‘get well soon’ card for her mum but she couldnt find words to complete the sentence.’I love you like….’She thought so hard but she couldnt find anything to compare the love she had for her mother to .Candies,ice cream,fairy dresses and even her teddy,Bobbie.She felt like she could live without those things but she couldnt live without her mum.
‘Maybe,I should make mum some soup.’ She thought.She was so proud of her soup and she couldn’t wait to serve mum but first she has to make sure it tastes perfect so she asked her dad to try it.
‘Hmmm,it taste great sweetheart but something is missing.’Dad tried to figure out
‘I know Dad,I put everything in it but the taste is not just right’

‘I think I know what’s missing.’Her dad opened a drawer and pulled out a white substance in a small bottle.
‘Salt’ Marie said
‘Let see’ he added a pinch of salt and tasted it again.’taste it,I think its perfect’
‘Yes,dad its perfect.The salt did the trick.’
‘Yes,Salt changes the taste of everything.Just a little of it can make food taste so much better.
‘You are right Dad,I can’t imagine life without a little salt’ she smiled.
Marie run to get the card she had made for her mum and added SALT to her sentence.’Without salt, all foods will be tasteless’ she thought.

She was so pleased and proud when her mum told her loved the soup and the card.


How salty is your speech? Is it tasteless like Marie’s soup?Do people enjoy the taste of your words or they have to throw up because your words are tasteless.(hurtful,discouraging or rude)

Challenge yourself to make a difference in people’s life with your words.


My first BlogCamp experience was just AMAZING! If you are reading this,it is because I was inspired by the event to be consistent in blogging 🙂



Now,the real story.I accidentally poured mango juice on my favourite hand bag  so I had to ‘borrow’ my grandmother’s bag to BlogCamp13.(Borrow is in qoute because I didn’t have plans of returning it and Grandma is not your usual grandma,she has really good taste :).She had never used the bag before so I guess it didn’t really mean much to her.

For some reason,I thought the event was going to held at the Kofi Annan’s Peace Keeping Centre so I had made all plans to go there.Thankfully that was sorted out and I made it to the Kofi Annan’s ICT centre.

I walked back and forth from Ghana Institute Of Journalism to the venue(not far from the school) because I am a weekend student there and I had two tests to write that same day.

I missed the session I was really looking forward to;women and the social media 😦 Despite that,the event was really GREAT!

Now,my grandmother wants her bag back.All of a sudden she sees beauty in the bag she rejected.You know the feeling you get when you see something you didn’t value looking good in someone’s hands.

Well.It is a little too late..I already love my new bag 🙂

Thanks to the BloggingGhana and the GhanaDecides team for an amazing event.And Congratulations to all the winners!!