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Pass-a-book-on is organising reading classes in communities in Ghana.Reading classes are classes organised to help children adopt reading as a continual habit.


Volunteers read to children,assist them to read and tell them stories.Anybody can volunteer as long as you have a desire to help,you are welcomed.You are also welcomed to use any appropraite style of learning as long as it is fun and effective.


Our first reading class is being organised at the Mamprobi Community at the community library.We will be meeting at the community library to work from 12 to 1:45pm.


You can support this project by volunteering your time to be a reader or by donating your old and new books.Thanks to all the volunteers we have had so far.You have made a great impact and we hope you will be committed to spreading literacy in Africa.


I found out about Monarki Clothing recently and I just fell in love in their concept.Monarki Clothing makes Urbanite Christian T-Shirts Inspired by the Bible.For me,it is really more that just a shirt.It is a statement and I can’t wait to get my first Monarki Shirt.
What a great way to show the world that you are not ashamed of your faith.What a way to show the world that you are never too cool or never too old for JESUS.
Monarki T-shirt Clothing says RULE THE STREETS FOR CHRIST! Every single shirt is inspired by positive,powerful and inspiring messages from the bible.Messages you can’t ignore.
Call Monarki on 0266 245 235 / 054 971 8965 and literally wear a piece of the bible to let the world know how you feel about Jesus.
Located at the Osu Forico Mall, off Oxford Street (on the Papaye to Blue Gate lane), Osu,Ghana.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believeth,to the Jew first and also to the Greek-Romans 1;16.

Celebrating Community Heroes


National and international heroes are often celebrated but rarely do we hear and acknowledge community heroes.

In a small communtiy in Accra,Ghana,there is a man making a big difference in the lives of children in his community.

This is a story about a man,Mr Eddy Tacks who organises an after school programme in his home.His home has become a school for more than 20 children in his community.


He helps the children who come from different schools in the community.Right after school,all these children go to his Eddy’s home to learn where they are helped with the school homework.

Children from all ages are grouped into classes and given special attention.


Mr Eddy Tacks is our community Angel for the month of April.We say Ayekoo to him and encourage him to continue to make an impact in the lives of the children in his community.

This world cannot survive without the efforts of many heros like Mr Eddy Tacks.We certainly have to appreciate them.

Do you have a hero in your community you want us to celebrate? Share the story here 🙂

Once Upon A Time In Africa

The tradition of story telling in African is gradually fading away.Children don’t even have time to sit at the the feet of the old folks to listen to rich African stories.They would rather watch Hannah Montana,text or browse the internet.

My 82 year old great grandmother loves to tell us stories,she has always loved it.When I was younger,I remember her gathering all of us in the evenings to tell us stories.She would pause in the middle of the story to sing.

Every one of her stories had a moral lesson.Some are really interesting and some are humourous.

Now,sister,as we call her is old.Sometimes,we pin her down to retell us stories but old age is catching up to her and she forgets some of them.What are great grand children for?? We are here to remind her 🙂

‘Nta ny3 loo Nka ta ny3’ this is what sister starts her stories with..It means ‘should I tell you or not’.Then we respond  ‘W) mli here bo n) ta w)’ meaning ‘we are listening to you,tell us’

I hope to publish all the stories that sister tells us soon.Its a legacy!.

How can we perserve our story tellling tradition?? Share your suggestions 🙂

I haven’t seen my mother in about 10 years and I am really looking forward to a big reunion soon 🙂

Technology makes communication very easy for me to connect with her.We are both on Skype,she is on facebook a lot,we both have whatapp and we have emailed each other a couple of times.

If you have been raised by an African parent,you will understand that respect in communicating with them is KEY!.You can’t talk to your parent anyhow.Before you open your mouth you have to think twice about your words,the tone and even the gestures you are going to use.


You might just earn a nice slap or the worse can happen to you .If you say something like,’What is wrong with you,Dad?’..as we mostly hear children say to the parents in these western movies.

I recently had an experience while chatting with my mother on whatapp.She asked me a question and I just typed the answer.It was when she didn’t reply that I went back to the chat to examine a few things.

What I said was not impolite but when you are texting someone,because they don’t get the tone you are using your responses might even come across as rude.I later apologised to her and thankfully my mother is the forgiving type.

Here are some things you should never say to your AFRICAN parent.No matter where you grew up.
Even if your see the children in the Western movies do it…DON’T TRY IT AT HOME.

‘I hate you’.. (You will be sent packing before sun down)

‘How could you do this?’… (your neighbours will have to come and beg your dad not to give you a fifth slap)

‘You are so mean'(That is it..you will be disowned)

Just like a super woman, I want to have it all.

I want to be an accomplished career woman

I want to be a wife

I want to accomplish heights in my career

I want to be a mother

I want to be a leader who takes the world by storm as male dominated as it is

I want to be the mother who is there when her son goes to bed at night and when he awake in the morning

I want to use ground breaking principles to make an impact in my generation

I want to be in the front row cheering her son in the Christmas play

I want to leave a legacy as an African woman

A legacy that will live on, millions of years

after I am gone


I want to cook my family’s favorite meals

And I want to pack their lunch

I want to blaze the trail for other Africa women to follow using whatever platform that is at my disposal

I want to be an emotionally and physically present wife

The kind of wife who cooks and cleans

Manages and knows every detail of her home

The kind of home that is built on quality family time,  giving,  love and  respect.

I want to marry the gentlemen of my dreams

As much as I want to prove the ‘girl power’ to the world

I want to have dreams and visions that can change Africa

And I want a partner who is not intimidated by that

I want to give love to  the world

To as many people

I want to serve the world as much as I want to be a supportive wife

But this ‘wanna bee’ super woman is sure to have fears

That she can’t have it all

That she might miss some birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas plays and doctor’s appointments

In her quest to achieve career successes

She is not apologizing in advance

She is learning balance and prioritizing for the super woman’s journey ahead


Meet Adwoa Kora Asare,a young enterpreneur in Ghana.A product of Aburi Girls Senior High School and the designer behind Kora Couture.Adwoa is a student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology studying Communications Design.She says she likes hand bags and loves making them.


She started making samples a year ago and has not stopped since.She says ‘you just give me the colour and I will design what you want’



Adwoa says she loves fashion and is very concious about what she wears and how she combines colours in her outfits.


‘In the next five years,my designs will be of international standards and I hope to be among the top designers in the industry’


She says she inspires herself and is also inspired by nice things around her.Adwoa wants to manage her own firm some day and make more of her designs.


Get your African Inspired handbags at Kora.Contact Kora on 0247914092.’Your orders will be delivered on time,No two ways about that.’ Says Adwoa

Wear a Piece of Africa


So Proud to be the friend and sister of an extraordinary and creative young lady in Ghana.She has really shown that age doesn’t matter.All you need is the talent and passion.She is Anastasia Afiyo Atiglo,the brain and hands behind Afiyo creations.Her designs really portray a sense of ‘Africaness’ and elegance.





She is just not following her passion and earning from it but she is also giving back.She has trained children in a small community in Obrachire how to be make beads.Something they can carry on for the rest of their lives and even earn a living from it some day.


You are reading about Anas as I call her because she inspires me to do what I love and give back while doing it 🙂


She is also a team member of PASS-A-BOOK and other Social initiatvies.

Hey Anas,all the best and see you at the top 🙂


Over 250 delegates from about 35 African countries at the African and Youth Governance Conference held at the Kofi Annan Peace Keeping Centre.The conference was organised by Youth Bridge Foundation.


                              A Ghana-Nigeria moment.Meeting great people from all over Africa.


We took part in a very historic event-the funeral of the late Preseident Evans Fiifi Atta Mills.


The three day conference was themed ‘Partnership in job creation: a wheel for transforming governance’.It was a really great opportunity to hear the stories of young people in Africa.Their success stories and their challenges.Simply Inspiring


One of the AMAZING events I have ever been too.It was like Africa was in one hall.Great experience.