My first BlogCamp experience was just AMAZING! If you are reading this,it is because I was inspired by the event to be consistent in blogging 🙂



Now,the real story.I accidentally poured mango juice on my favourite hand bag  so I had to ‘borrow’ my grandmother’s bag to BlogCamp13.(Borrow is in qoute because I didn’t have plans of returning it and Grandma is not your usual grandma,she has really good taste :).She had never used the bag before so I guess it didn’t really mean much to her.

For some reason,I thought the event was going to held at the Kofi Annan’s Peace Keeping Centre so I had made all plans to go there.Thankfully that was sorted out and I made it to the Kofi Annan’s ICT centre.

I walked back and forth from Ghana Institute Of Journalism to the venue(not far from the school) because I am a weekend student there and I had two tests to write that same day.

I missed the session I was really looking forward to;women and the social media 😦 Despite that,the event was really GREAT!

Now,my grandmother wants her bag back.All of a sudden she sees beauty in the bag she rejected.You know the feeling you get when you see something you didn’t value looking good in someone’s hands.

Well.It is a little too late..I already love my new bag 🙂

Thanks to the BloggingGhana and the GhanaDecides team for an amazing event.And Congratulations to all the winners!!