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Celebrating Community Heroes


National and international heroes are often celebrated but rarely do we hear and acknowledge community heroes.

In a small communtiy in Accra,Ghana,there is a man making a big difference in the lives of children in his community.

This is a story about a man,Mr Eddy Tacks who organises an after school programme in his home.His home has become a school for more than 20 children in his community.


He helps the children who come from different schools in the community.Right after school,all these children go to his Eddy’s home to learn where they are helped with the school homework.

Children from all ages are grouped into classes and given special attention.


Mr Eddy Tacks is our community Angel for the month of April.We say Ayekoo to him and encourage him to continue to make an impact in the lives of the children in his community.

This world cannot survive without the efforts of many heros like Mr Eddy Tacks.We certainly have to appreciate them.

Do you have a hero in your community you want us to celebrate? Share the story here 🙂

Once Upon A Time In Africa

The tradition of story telling in African is gradually fading away.Children don’t even have time to sit at the the feet of the old folks to listen to rich African stories.They would rather watch Hannah Montana,text or browse the internet.

My 82 year old great grandmother loves to tell us stories,she has always loved it.When I was younger,I remember her gathering all of us in the evenings to tell us stories.She would pause in the middle of the story to sing.

Every one of her stories had a moral lesson.Some are really interesting and some are humourous.

Now,sister,as we call her is old.Sometimes,we pin her down to retell us stories but old age is catching up to her and she forgets some of them.What are great grand children for?? We are here to remind her 🙂

‘Nta ny3 loo Nka ta ny3’ this is what sister starts her stories with..It means ‘should I tell you or not’.Then we respond  ‘W) mli here bo n) ta w)’ meaning ‘we are listening to you,tell us’

I hope to publish all the stories that sister tells us soon.Its a legacy!.

How can we perserve our story tellling tradition?? Share your suggestions 🙂


On Easter Monday,I Joined the AME Zion Women on their visit to the Children’s Unit of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital.It was definately an Amazing experience.It was sad to hear the stories of these mentally ill children.

The parents of these children have dumped them at the hospital.I met a boy who went about hugging everyone.That was when I realised how much a hug really means for these children.All they need is LOVE!

I was happy to find out that they go on excursion and some of them go to school.A couple of them were locked up because of their condition but we got to spend some quality time with the others.

Grace Adjei-Twumasi,a nurse at the ward said that these children are very special.She said it is no fault of theirs that they are the way they are and that parents who have such children should not reject them.

She encouraged NGOs and individuals to volunteer at the ward and make a difference in the lives of these children.
She also cautioned parents who are hiding their mentally disabled children in their rooms to bring them to the hospital for help.

Grandma and I at the children’s ward.We had the best Easter ever!

I hope you donate your time,money and effort to make a difference in the lives of these children.Here are some of the stuff you can send ;Daipers(very essential),water,bread,drinks,biscuits,toilet rolls,clothes,shoes,cups and detergents.

They need items but remember they need you more.

Get in touch if you would like volunteer and support in anyway..A hug means the whole world to these children.