I watched Michael on GODTV recently sharing his amazing childhood experience.For him growing up was tough because he could not read and write.He wasn’t smart at school and that really affected his self image.Anythime,he tried to pronounce a simple word,he will see the word in seven different way rather than what it really it.He soon realised that he can use this for his advantage.He found Comedy.He says that unlike the average person he looks at one thing and sees all the seven different ways that he can be.-Seven possibilities


Michaeljnr perfoms at youth rallies,church and prisons.He performs for different kinds of people.

He says ‘if I am in the club my materials have to be clean enough for the church,if I am in the pulpit it has to be funny enough to work in the club’

I totally love his joke on Jesus’ little brother..Watch it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRkaXQo6-9E