I have always been a ‘fufu and chicken wings light soup’ kind of person.I could eat that everyday and night 🙂 but recently, I made a new discovery that made fufu my second favourite food.

The soft riped plantain,hard boiled eggs,the smoked fish and  nkontonmire really got to me.I kept asking for more.I am not sure about the name of this food but for now,I call it ‘village food.’

The best part-You can make this nutritious and delicious food in only 20 minutes.

Boil the paintain(ripe/unriped).Put some salted fish and onions in hot palm oil and stir for a while.Cook the nkontomire for about 10 mins.You can use garden eggs or nkontomire.Grind it in ‘asanka’ and add the palm oil.

Please,eat in the ‘asanka’.Taste better that way.

Add your boiled eggs and fish and that is it..I promise you will be thinking about me and smiling after your first bite 🙂