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Just like a super woman, I want to have it all.

I want to be an accomplished career woman

I want to be a wife

I want to accomplish heights in my career

I want to be a mother

I want to be a leader who takes the world by storm as male dominated as it is

I want to be the mother who is there when her son goes to bed at night and when he awake in the morning

I want to use ground breaking principles to make an impact in my generation

I want to be in the front row cheering her son in the Christmas play

I want to leave a legacy as an African woman

A legacy that will live on, millions of years

after I am gone


I want to cook my family’s favorite meals

And I want to pack their lunch

I want to blaze the trail for other Africa women to follow using whatever platform that is at my disposal

I want to be an emotionally and physically present wife

The kind of wife who cooks and cleans

Manages and knows every detail of her home

The kind of home that is built on quality family time,  giving,  love and  respect.

I want to marry the gentlemen of my dreams

As much as I want to prove the ‘girl power’ to the world

I want to have dreams and visions that can change Africa

And I want a partner who is not intimidated by that

I want to give love to  the world

To as many people

I want to serve the world as much as I want to be a supportive wife

But this ‘wanna bee’ super woman is sure to have fears

That she can’t have it all

That she might miss some birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas plays and doctor’s appointments

In her quest to achieve career successes

She is not apologizing in advance

She is learning balance and prioritizing for the super woman’s journey ahead



Smile and make it contagious

Eat like it won’t make you fat

Drink like wine was made for you.

Listen like nobody talks crap.

Laugh like it’s the only way to express yourself.

Pray like God stops the earth just to hear you

Live like life takes orders from you

Dance like a you are actually good at itImage

Dream like every dream comes true


When you love, love like it keeps you alive

Forgive like it’s the easiest thing to do

Breathe like every breath is paid for

Worry less…

Walk like you are rubbing shoulders with the world

Work like it’s the only kind of fun there is


When you live

Live like you are doing the world a favor

by being alive