My National Service experience was very rich.I will tell you more about it in other posts.

This is how I lost the lunch of 68 overly excited kids.

On the day of their very first school excursion,the other teachers and I squeezed the kids in a bus.We all couldn’t get in so a couple of the kids and I followed in a taxi.I packed their lunch in the taxi as well.

We arrived at the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and got down from the taxi to join the others.As we organised the kids in a queue to pay and enter the premises.I realised something.


The smile on my face quickly disappeared.How could have been so careless? How am I going to feed 68 kids?I have never been so anxious in my life.

I asked the other teachers to start the tour with them while I figure out what to do.They were so excited,I didn’t want them to know I had lost their lunch.(they were jumping up and down,I wonder if they would have cared so much)

I walked out to the gate praying and hoping that the driver would return the lunch.

Minutes went by.No sign off him.I kept pacing and wondering if I did the right thing by bringing them here in the first place.I should have just let them stay in school.

I hate to admit this and I am not really a cry baby but I did shed a few tears.How could I have been so careless?

I kept praying but I gave up at a point and decided to figure out a plan B I never prepared for.

There were a few women selling food around and just when I was walking to them to see if I could order some food,someone showed up.The driver!

I could have given this stranger a big hug but I don’t think he would have been so comfortable.

According to him,the next person who stopped him wanted to go to Kasoa.(that is far from the mausoleum).Apparently,she had stuff to put in the trunk and that was when he saw our stuff.

After the Mausoleum,we had lunch at the Efua Sutherland park.Being able to put a smile on the faces of these kids who had never been outside the walls of their deprived school was the most AMAZING feeling.I won’t trade this experience for anything.

God answered my prayers when I needed it the most.He came through for me 🙂

The excursion was sponsored by more about the initiative here

And never ever forget your stuff in a taxi 🙂