One morning,my little sister came to me while I was brushing my teeth and asked me if she could wear one of my shoes to school. Her request suddenly grabbed my attention because we don’t share shoes.Although we had recently discovered we wear the same shoe size.

The shoes she wanted were new but that was not why I didn’t want to give them to her.I knew she had enough to  wear at least three different shoes a week.

I took her to our ‘shoe room’ where we have a shoe rack that stands taller than both of us. After asking her to count all the shoes she had, we were both suprised that she had 13 pairs of shoes.

Apparently,she had a problem with all thirteen.That is when I knew there was a problem.Like any big sister will do,I quickly cooked up a gratitude speech to deliver.

I had to remind her that there are lots of kids out there who dont even have a pair.She had thirteen and she didn’t like any of them.

Somehow my little speech  had an impact and she cried.

This story is not just about a teenager wanting more things, it is about an attitude of gratitude we all have to practise everyday.It doesn’t just end at saying a ‘thank you’.

It is more than that. It is an everyday consciousness of gratefulness for what you already have.