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Turn The Light On..


The loud sound of thunder woke Maria up in the middle of the night.She hugged her teddy so tight for some comfort.It didn’t help she  was still very scared.The heavy rain hiting the roof,the very dark room,the silence in the big house.She was so gripped with fear that she could hardly move.

Maria had also been very Courageous.Her dad had even told her that she was too courageous for a seven year old.But on this rainy night,Maria didn’t feel so brave.She was frightened by everything going on outside.

‘If I can only walk to the switch and turn on the light.I just need some light in this room.’ She thought to herself.

The thought of walking to the switch alone scared her.Maybe covering her head with her blankie will help.It didn’t.How about closing her eyes so tight.It didn’t,the room was so dark.

Sometimes,we have some dark moments in our lives that frightens us.But like Maria,we need the courage to walk through the dark to get to the switch and turn the light on.

No matter how dark your room is right now..Turn on the light! Open your bible.Its has enough light for your disappiontment,your confusion and any situation you can ever been in.


How Salty Are You?


Marie’s mother was sick and her dad had told her not to disturb her mother.
‘Mum has to be in bed all day because she needs some rest.’ her father explained.
‘Will she be alright?’
‘Yes she will,sweetheart,she just needs some rest.’
Marie thought of something to do to cheer her sick mother up.She tried to make a ‘get well soon’ card for her mum but she couldnt find words to complete the sentence.’I love you like….’She thought so hard but she couldnt find anything to compare the love she had for her mother to .Candies,ice cream,fairy dresses and even her teddy,Bobbie.She felt like she could live without those things but she couldnt live without her mum.
‘Maybe,I should make mum some soup.’ She thought.She was so proud of her soup and she couldn’t wait to serve mum but first she has to make sure it tastes perfect so she asked her dad to try it.
‘Hmmm,it taste great sweetheart but something is missing.’Dad tried to figure out
‘I know Dad,I put everything in it but the taste is not just right’

‘I think I know what’s missing.’Her dad opened a drawer and pulled out a white substance in a small bottle.
‘Salt’ Marie said
‘Let see’ he added a pinch of salt and tasted it again.’taste it,I think its perfect’
‘Yes,dad its perfect.The salt did the trick.’
‘Yes,Salt changes the taste of everything.Just a little of it can make food taste so much better.
‘You are right Dad,I can’t imagine life without a little salt’ she smiled.
Marie run to get the card she had made for her mum and added SALT to her sentence.’Without salt, all foods will be tasteless’ she thought.

She was so pleased and proud when her mum told her loved the soup and the card.


How salty is your speech? Is it tasteless like Marie’s soup?Do people enjoy the taste of your words or they have to throw up because your words are tasteless.(hurtful,discouraging or rude)

Challenge yourself to make a difference in people’s life with your words.